Get Outside and Play!

Get Outside and Play!

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to be outside – flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, daylight hours are longer, and the weather is quite pleasant for being outdoors. We also don’t have to worry about wiping out on the ice or getting our car stuck in the snow!

Here is a wonderful link that helps us understand the importance and benefits of being outside:

Nowadays, we’re spending more time inside than ever before. Computers, tablets, cell phones, and video games keep us from getting out in nature. Recent findings show that children aged 8-18 spend more than six hours each day with electronic media. A study published in 2002 found that 8-year-old children could better identify Pokémon characters than plants or animals in their neighborhoods. As children spend less time outside, unhealthy habits begin to form. For example, children who spend little time outside are at risk for developing chronic health problems. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and depression are common companions of a sedentary indoor lifestyle.

Playing outside encourages kids’ creativity, builds their attention spans, and increases their desire to explore. It also provides a healthy way to get physical activity. Being outdoors allows them (essentially all of us) to connect with our natural surroundings.

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