In the Community

In the Community

Did you know that we often call ourselves the “traveling therapists?” That’s because we provide service to a number of smaller communities across southern Manitoba, traveling by car to ensure that more Manitobans have access to adequate mental health services.

Many rural communities in Manitoba currently struggle to easily access competent and consistent mental health services. We want to do our part to bring about change. In our pursuit to provide the best service for our clients and their needs, we recognize that we need to do some traveling, to ensure we can meet our clients where they are.

Over time we’ve had the opportunity to get to know clients in their own communities. We’ve participated in all sorts of beautiful cultural and spiritual gatherings. We are forever grateful for the journey of self-growth that we’ve been able to travel along, with our clients.


Benefits of Traveling Therapists

  • Greater consistency of service for clients. You will have access to the same therapist on a weekly basis, building a positive therapist-client relationship, so that you can dig deep and feel safe doing so.
  • We get to know you in your home environment, so you can feel comfortable during our sessions.
  • It’s more cost-effective for our clients, as they potentially save gas money and personal time by not having to drive to Winnipeg for appointments.
  • Safety for you. We do the driving, meaning you can avoid winter conditions and highway driving.


How to Schedule a Community Visit with a Traveling Therapist

Reach Out

Contact us by email, phone, or through our contact form.

Provide Details

Let us know where and when you’d require a traveling therapist to visit your community.

Await our Visit

We’ll take it from there and make the rest of the arrangements.