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Gardeners of the Children

June 12, 2024
For some time now, experts in working with children have held to the concept that we are wired for growth and healing, for self-righting and resuming impeded growth (Eigen, 1981;...

Mindfully Asleep

June 12, 2024
As a therapist I’m often asked to work with people struggling with all sorts of life challenges and personal issues that they feel helplessly overwhelmed by. Often therapists (like myself)...

Benefits of Play Therapy

May 31, 2020
Play therapy was developed early in the 20th century as a way for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, teachers, and other childcare professionals to help young children positively and productively handle a wide...

Get Outside and Play!

May 24, 2020
Spring is a wonderful time of the year to be outside – flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, daylight hours are longer, and the weather is quite pleasant for being...

Coming Soon

May 17, 2020
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